Kings And Emperors is a 4x browser base multiplayer strategy game placed in medieval times


The game action takes place on a giant unexplored map, the player can discover. There are a lot of things to find - other players, independent duchies, ancient ruins, mineral deposits and routes to far away lands.


The game starts just after the fall of Rome (500 AD), ends in the renaissance (1500 AD), in real time it takes 12 days to complete a single game. At the beginning of the game, the player has to choose his kingdom's culture and choose a spot for the first town (see culture list below). During the game, the player can found new cities and grow existing ones. It is also possible to vassalize independent duchies.


There are more than a hundred terrain types on kings and Emperors map, some of which provide valuable and rare wares. If you gain access to these terrains, your kingdom will have a big advantage. If you monopolize the access to a certain ware, you will get even more benefit, since you will be able to sell it at a very high price to other players.


There are about 40 military unit types in the game, each with special abilities and weaknesses. Victory on the battlefield is a matter of tactics, but also of your industrial capacity, technology level, government type, culture and traditions. So to dominate militarily, the player has to be well prepared. It is also possible to attack another player indirectly using spies, and spread chaos silently.

Playable cultures


Magna Carta (Bonus)

+1 influence when advancing to the next era, starts with sailing researched.

Longbowman (Unique unit)

Better than regular crossbowman, has +2 attack vs heavy units.

Archery range (Unique building)

Lowers archer unit cost by 25%, generates +2 happiness


Ancien Régime: (Bonus)

-10% cost of legendary buildings, unique buildings and the palace, starts with irrigation researched.

Throwing Axeman (Unique unit)

Better in attack than a regular man-at-arms.

Château (Unique building)

Provides 3 housing for the city, new heavy cavalry units gain +1 strength


Holy Roman Empire: (Bonus)

+2 leverage per interaction with duchies, +20% conversion resistance

Teutonic knight (Unique unit)

Stronger than a regular knight. Gains +2 strength when attacking units from kingdoms following other religion.

Teutonic Order castle (Unique building)

Only one can be built per kingdom. Provides level 3 city walls, level 1 armory, barracks and temple in the city it is built. Free level 3 elite teutonic knight is created. Instantly converts the city to the state religion. Generates 3 faith per hour.


Golden Liberty: (Bonus)

+0.25 food, +1 ducats from farms during golden ages. Light cavalry and hussar technologies 50% cheaper.

Winged hussar (Unique unit)

Better than a regular hussar. Gains +2 strength during golden ages.

Polish Konik Horse Breeding (Unique building)

Only one can be built per kingdom, gives new light cavalry units +1 strength created in this city. It will produce 3 instances of Polish Konik per hour (luxury ware).


The Breadbasket: (Bonus)

-25% unhappiness from kingdom size, -15% cost of villages and its upgrades.

Boyar (Unique unit)

Stronger than a regular horseman. Receives a combat bonus vs anti cavalry units.

Krepost (Unique building)

+1 happiness, -50% ducats cost of new fields.


Sea Raiders (Bonus)

+1 strength for heavy infantry and anti-cavalry units, +0.25 from farms on hills, plains and tundra.

Berserk (Unique unit)

Stronger than a regular man-at-arms. Receives no penalty for amphibious landing, +3 strength when attacking thru a river.

Longship (Unique unit)

Better than a regular galley, can sail further into the ocean.


Roman Legacy: (Bonus)

-20% of settlements and regular buildings in capital. +50 faith when advancing to the next era.

Varangian guards (Unique unit)

Stronger than regular longswordsman.

Hippodrome (Unique building)

Only one can be built per kingdom, generates 8 happiness.

State of the game

The game is developed by a very small team since 2017, at the moment it is in a closed alpha stage (since 2020). Closed test sessions are organized once a few months once certain milestones are reached. The main goal of our team is to make a public release of the game. We don't know when it will happen, but after the next closed test session all planned main features will be present in the game, so at that point we should be ready.

Alpha test releases:

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